Thank you!  Whether it was a letter to politicians, a fundraiser event, a gift for Ethan, or anything to help this cause, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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To the left is the story of Ride for Ethan. What an amazing couple of guys. Great video, JR.  If you're interested in going for a "Ride" next year, let's have a conversation.  We will do this for ALL the DMD boys.

Thanks to all of you who followed the link to advocate for the MD-Care Act.  All of your voices will make a difference in the quality of Ethan's life and the lives of so many afflicted with DMD.  So many of you have already gotten feedback from your representative and net pictures of those letters.  

5/30/14 - Thank you Linda and Rick Ciaffone for the incredibly generous donation for Ethan.  Again, as with all donations, I will be telling Ethan all about the people who, like you and the rest on this list, have helped give him the fun things and the necessary things to make his life as full and as comfortable as possible.

5/29/14 - Thank you Paul and Brigitte Garnock for setting up a account for Ethan.  It will help fill his life with adventures and help with the unfortunate, but necessary expenses of his illness.  

5/28/14 - THANK YOU AGAIN Joannna Huzior for helping promote the Meet Ethan Facebook page!  We hit 100, then 200 likes because of the support you provided.  Spreading the word is tantamount to our cause!

5/16/14 - Thank you, Joanna Huzior for researching DMD and the awareness month (September) and color (lime green).  That you went ahead and ordered them for us and helped plan a fund raiser with the amazing folks at TKA Bethpage speaks to your loving and altruistic nature.  Thank you!

5/12/14 - Thank you Alex Slavin, Tommy Guerierro, Kevin Hall, Veer Rana, Rebecca Scala, Doug Calov, Ryan Mohan and Alex's Uncle Donnie for the generous donation.  There are so many ways to use that for Ethan.  Some will go to the accessible renovations we will need.  Some will go to other equipment we will need later on down the road.  But a portion of that will go toward a really good time.  In the spirit of the classes we shared, Ethan should know something about the fun we had by having some of his own, thanks to you guys.

5/11/14 - Thank you Laura Murray, Rachel Wass, "Live Shot Charity Tees," and the band: Suburban Scum.  All of the profits they make from t-shirt sales will go to  I don't know if I'm feeling more proud or lucky, but I'm definitely feeling grateful.  Thanks Laura!!!  Click anywhere on here to link up to buy a t-shirt.  They will be sold until May 31st, and then shipped beginning June 6th.

5/11/14 - Thank you Sue Glatman for the generous gift.  Betsy and I will take the kids to a nice dinner :)

5/10/14 - Thank you Jaime Felicetti (Celona) for donating to the MDA in Ethan's name.  I received the letter from The Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy.

Thank you to our very supportive and wonderful family that has really helped us overcome a lot of the obstacles associated with getting good care for Ethan and helping prepare for those hurdles to come.  That includes you, Barbara Paulinski!

December 2013 - When we first learned of Ethan's situation, we shared it with his Karate instructor, Sensei Larry Batista and his amazing crew, and they immediately individualized Ethan's program and made it special for him.  They do that kind of thing often for each child who comes their way and they truly make a difference in all of those lives.  I thank them for Ethan and for all of those children.  Click here and check them out.