Our best hope for a cure or a therapy is through medicine and research.  That is why we have chosen to help fund The Parent Project for Muscular Dystrophy.  Most recently, we have been introduced to CureDuchenne, and they are great, too.  These two organization have brought so many of the DMD familes together and made real progress in helping save our sons.

Many have asked how to help Ethan directly.  Here is how.

My close friends, Paul and Brigitte Garnock, have set up a gofundme.com account for Ethan to help make contributions to him directly.  Click here to donate to Ethan directly.  This account will help with things over the course of his life such as:


-medical equipment (cough machine, breathing machine, lifts, various heart and breathing monitors)


-accessibility renovations to our home (ramps, rooms, hallways, bathrooms, handrails, doorways, furniture, etc.)

-motorized wheelchair and maintenance

-transportation - accessible van modifications

-special school tution and college

-healthcare workers for when he is not with us (hopefully this means when he is at college)

-the fun stuff (vacations, camps, adventures, interests, pursuits and curiosities)